White Bear Coffee Company assures consistency.

All our beans are hand-picked from the best growing regions and are tested to ensure premium quality before they are expertly blended and roasted to our unique recipes.

Carefully crafted coffee

Choose from dozens of distinct flavors that have been created to meet the taste preferences of many different coffee lovers.

Several brewing options

Our coffee is available in frac packs, filter packs, bulk ground, whole bean, pods, and more to ensure it works with the service you provide.

Caffeine-free varieties

We believe coffee lovers trying to avoid caffeine still deserve a great cup of coffee, so we take pride in making delicious decaf.

Coffee products from White Bear Coffee Company
Several roast profiles

Not everyone likes the same coffee, so we offer a range, from well-liked lighter roasts to the popular blends of dark roasted beans.

Multiple flavored coffees

With White Bear Coffee, you can build a full coffee offering with quality flavored coffees that begin with premium coffee beans.

White Bear Company Coffee coffee products

100% biodegradable pods

Pods offer the convenience of single-cup coffee using our coffee blends and roasts.
Biodegradable packaging means it’s a sustainable option that doesn’t go to the landfill.
Convenient, pre-measured amount of quality coffee without the use of plastics.
Many different coffee types can be produced as a pod, providing greater flexibility.

Learn about eco-friendly options

Products to suit your needs

Flexible coffee packaging types that can be customized to the demands of your
foodservice, office coffee service, convenience store, or retail clients.

Coffee blends

Ensure you have the multiple roast profiles to please customers, including light roasts, medium roasts, and dark roasts.

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Flavored coffees

Build the ideal coffee product offering by providing a range of popular flavored coffee selections for different taste profiles.

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Coffee pods

Get the versatility of single-cup coffee in pre-measured, convenient pods that customers will love thanks to hand-picked beans.

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Soluble products

Complete the coffee service with high-end soluble products for hot chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes, and more.

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Bulk coffee

Save money by purchasing and selling the respected White Bear Coffee in large quantities for bulk coffee use.

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Liquid coffee concentrate

Ensure customers looking for fast coffee options can still enjoy a quality coffee with White Bear concentrate options.

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Work with professionals that carry all the coffee options that you might need — White Bear Coffee at 616-464-3652; sales@whitebearcoffee.com.


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