Popular coffee blends without the high price

White Bear Coffee Company coffee blends

Consistently delicious coffee cup after cup

Our scientific roasting process ensures each batch of hand-picked coffee beans has just the right flavor profile.

Coffee blends
Hand-picked coffee

White Bear Coffee beans are harvested by hand from the best coffee-growing regions in the world.

Coffee blends from White Bear Coffee Company
Expertly tested and blended

We inspect and analyze our coffee beans to ensure premium quality before they are roasted and blended.

Unique recipes ensure one-of-a-kind coffee blends

Colombian - Dark roast, yet not burnt, this blend has sharp coffee flavor without the bite. Our most popular blend is an eye-opening first cup.

Donut Shop - City roast, full bodied coffee with a mild finish. It’s the golden brew of the past.

Maui - High grown Arabica coffees highlight the distinctive island experience. An aromatic, mellow taste with a sweet, clean finish.

Costa Rican - Full, rich flavor with a fruity acidity and crisp taste.

French Roast - Rich, spicy profile, our darkest roasted coffee.

Blend - Dark, robust flavor profile, popular in restaurants and food service.

Decaf - All natural, European water process for a true coffee flavor.

Get the best coffee roasts and blends for your location using White Bear Coffee at 616-464-3652; sales@whitebearcoffee.com.


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